MFA Com Des Entrepreneurial Design course begins!


The new MFA Com Des studio course, Entrepreneurial Design, begins tomorrow! This weekend seminar will give students the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary setting as an entrepreneur, while researching, comparing and discussing human centered design problems.

Alvaro Soto and Claudia Roeschmann are the faculty leaders of the course and have spent many hours excitedly planning the curriculum.

We are fortunate to have experts in the field guiding our students throughout the semester. Liza Willmore will share her knowledge this weekend and Ariel Kayne will spend time with the students during next month’s weekend meet-up. I hear that more experts in the field will be popping in throughout the semester

If that isn’t awesome enough, students will get to pick the brains of Debbie Millman and Christian Helms during regular meet-ups throughout the semester.

Students in the course will report on their experience throughout the semester, so stay tuned!

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