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While writing the blogs, it’s not always easy to weave in the wonderful advice that the people we are visiting with offer. So I wanted to dedicate an entire post to those quotes that might have missed the opportunity to have been used.

“Typography can factor in the aspects of knowledge,” said Henning Krause, from Monotype, as he described how the information that typography captures becomes the knowledge that we consume.

“Art and craftsmen were the same. Art = Craft,” said Kenning in regards to the fact that typographers were both creating the art and physically making the elements to make the printing possible.

When asked about design philosophy Andreas Uebele explained that is was “to create beauty…that’s all. If it isn’t beautiful I feel bad”

“Salty is left, sweet is right,” Uebele jokingly said when asked about utilizing the senses in his signage. “It’s more about how you interpret or experience something. Not so much touch and feel.”

Students will rejoice as Uebele warned, “Don’t do too much research, you need to stay out of the mind of the client.” This would allow you to come up with a completely innovative idea.

“If you aren’t obsessive, at least 80%….I just don’t understand,” Uebele says on his thoughts about being obsessive listing off the simple things that inspired him, “it’s all an art form, it’s an inner belief”

Strichpunkt studio has a simple belief: “We are breaking the rules.”

Martina Flor says that clients have learned to trust her “when they hire me to do a job, they trust me.”

“Creative briefs have thousands of solutions, but you need to pick one you think is successful and just make it work,” says Martina.

“You never know the uncontrolled conditions that can push you forward,” Martina said while reflecting on all the obstacles that led to this point.

“When you do a piece of lettering there is a concept, there is something you want to do. Type design is concept free, you are creating something for everyone to use,” said Martina.

Tomorrow is the start of Typo Berlin where I will cover some of the awesome key speakers, workshops and discussions we will attend.

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