A Ton of Pun

Well the MFA Germany trip is officially over, and we are all separating in different ways. That means I am waking up at three in the morning to catch a bus to the airport. The good news is the sun will be almost up — which is very unusually when you are used to the sun rising around 7:30 am, this time of year. Since today marks the end of the trip, I want to leave you with a short synopsis of our time in Germany.

Part of the fun of traveling with me are the puns. Also, part of the torture of traveling with me are the puns. Half the time I just chuckle to myself and move on, but sometimes they have to be said. Here is a collection of the puns I’ve created along our trip.

Remember, these were DEFINITELY hilarious in the situation.

  • We pass by a beautiful glass curtain building, which used to be a print school. Claudia explains how students used to go for apprenticeships, in which I quickly respond “you mean aPRINTiceships.”
  • Yamna works at a Taxidermist office, but doesn’t think it is a job in which she will stay to retire. You wouldn’t call it her “FURever job”
  • Yocelyn doesn’t have her raincoat, but I had an extra poncho. I had her “covered.”
  • On the importance of Kelsey using the heel stick to protect from blisters. “As long as you STICK to using it, you will for SHOEre not have any problems.
  • Claudia carries around a sock full of coins, I asked if it’s so she can FOOT the bill
  • Claudia asks how we enjoyed day two of the conference. You mean day Typo, I asked? (Later turned into a headline of a blog post)
  • Yocelyn carries around a tiny doll hand which she uses to take interesting photos. You have to hand it to her on how committed she is.

These puns just kind of come out of no where, and unfortunately that means that I usually don’t write them down. So, a lot of other really great pins where lost to the time and no reflected back into this blog — so you have to just trust that they were really good. I believe I haven’t driven my fellow travelers that crazy — and they are safe now that the trip is over. After all, they’ve gone through enough punishment. 

I’ll be posting one more post in a few weeks that will be a curated look at the photography taken while on the trip, so be on the lookout for that link. 

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