Thanks MFA’ers – alumni and students – 1/17 Open House

IMG_3456Thank you to alumni, students, families, and faculty that trudged through a rainy night to attend our MFA 10 Anniversary Exhibition + Concept Award + Thesis Exhibition + Issues & Criticism Release Party on Tuesday.

What a great crowd! It was wonderful to visit with our alumni and gratifying to know that they are all successful designers and are contributing to the field of design.

IMG_3433Our MFA students are always enthusiastic about joining in the fun and camaraderie at the beginning of each semester.

IMG_3485We thank our Concept Award juror, Doreen Lorenzo, who is a thought leader on design and innovation and previously served as president of the companies Frog Design Inc. and Quirky. Doreen carefully read each nominated students’ research proposal and awarded the first place scholarship to Matthew Himes. Matt received the award from Dean John Fleming, who we thank for sponsoring the scholarship. MFA students Asha Malate and Yamna Jakhar also won scholarships (thanks Dr. Fleming!) as runner-ups in the competition.  Of course, nothing would happen without our fearless leader, MFA Graduate Advisor and Associate Professor Claudia Roeschmann.

IMG_3447A big thank you to MFA student Lindsay Starr. She spent many hours working on the plans for the exhibition and worked diligently to craft our beautiful 10 Anniversary catalog. Thanks Lindsay, for your expertise, patience, and great attitude!

IMG_3505Thank you MFA student Asha Malate, the official Vinyl Queen, for coming up with the final exhibition design. Asha, along with MFA student and vinyl expert, Andrea St. Clair spent countless hours putting this exhibition up.

IMG_3492Our MFA student Carolyn Kilday, came up with the great idea to have alumni and students submit their own unique versions of “10”. Thank you Carolyn, for not only coming up with the idea, but volunteering to make the buttons for each submission. MFA student Mikaela Buck, pictured here with Graduate Dean Andrea Golato, was the lucky winner of the GoPro from the button drawing. IMG_3516A big thank you to MFA alumni Caleb Horn for putting together our awesome exhibition alumni retrospective video and the “10” slide show!


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