Kicking Off the Year with New Faces and Jan Tomáš


This past Saturday the MFA program kicked off with a welcome orientation for new and returning students alike. The group enjoyed food and friendship before moving on to the start of the year. As always, orientation is a time for students and staff to reconnect, get acquainted, and share their summer adventures and excitement for the new semester. Along with many new faces, there were many exciting opportunities for the program introduced. Along with the popular Germany trip, came the German exchange program, an opportunity for students to study abroad and work with German design students, the fall boot camp, and other unique opportunities. The MFA program was also excited to welcome new professors to the staff, Hannah Park and Alessandro Segalini. In addition, it was also a chance for students to see some of the great work that was created in the past year. After the official orientation ended, students signed up for the upcoming opportunities and spent some quality time getting to know their professors and fellow students.


The day wasn’t over just yet, as the students from the previous Jan Tomáš workshop gathered to continue their work from this past spring. Jan joined the group once again, this time in Skype form, to help guide the students in developing the project to the next level. Previously, each student was charged with creating a letter in the phrase ‘communication design’, both in static and animated form. This time, the group took on the challenge of adding color to the work in an appropriate and inspired way. Jan, though in a mobile representation, was able to speak with each student one on one to help them develop their letters further for the next steps of the project. Along with Jan’s active involvement, the group worked together to help each other accomplish their goal of creating a working color composition for the static and animated versions of the communication design typography project. Extra credit goes to Jan for staying up most of his Saturday night to help guide the students in their work. For the students, the work took place most of their Saturday, but for Jan, it was long into his Saturday night and continued into the wee hours of Sunday morning.


The group had a great time catching up with Jan and working together on the project. Everyone worked very hard and the result was worth the effort. It was a treat to see how color added more to the type. Everyone felt it was a day well spent and a job well done. The group is already planning the next phase of the project. Rumors say it will involve sound, and that Jan himself will return to Texas State to help oversee the final stages of this fun and interactive project!

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