Graphis Design Annual 2016 Awards Merit to Patrick Gosnell and Cesar Rivera for DeL 2014: Forging Creative Connections

Congratulations to our recent graduates, Patrick and Cesar, for winning at Graphis Design Annual 2016. This award was for a project they both enthusiastically took on for the MFA program.

The project was to create conference collateral materials for the international Design on eLearning Conference – DeL14: Forging Creative Connections. The conference was sponsored by Penn State and London College of the Arts, and held on Texas State University campus for the first time in 2014. The audience was primarily international so the collaterals had to be easy to transport.

The phrase “Everything’s bigger in Texas” was the thought behind Patrick and Cesar’s approach. They printed large glyphs on small items to push the idea. Everything was printed in small scale except for the woodblock and screen printed type. Those glyphs were printed large to show some contrast. Woodblock glyphs, DeL14, were created for printing and branding uses.

The name tag, an octavo booklet (exactly half the size of the event program), served as a mini schedule, map for area restaurants and attractions, and woodblock printed poster to commemorate the event. The conference program covers and dividers were woodblock printed and pages digitally printed then wire-o bound. Photographs from around the San Marcos area were half-toned to further the hand-rendered, rough feel. Special black cover editions were printed for organizers. Conference bags were ordered with the DeL14 mark then over printed with screen prints of the woodblocks. T-shirts were also printed for this event.


Name tag octavo served as schedule and contained a printed poster interior

Conference book dividing pages and name tag octavo spread




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