Typo Berlin Day 3


We just finished day 3 of Typo Berlin and this may have been the best one yet! The day was filled with excellent and inspiring speakers. The big thing for our group was attending the fantastic workshops throughout the day.

Andrea and I were up first with the stop motion typography workshop led by Baris Atiker. We were tasked with selecting a few random items and brainstorming a list of words inspired by the items. The item and word that we settled on was an espresso cup and the word “mischief”. We then were challenged to use the cup to create a stop motion video representing the word. In the hour we were given, Andrea and I worked quickly to put together a short stop motion video. The end result was pretty successful, and we even got featured in the Typo Berlin blog!


Cameo, Analee, and Asha also had a great experience at their workshop. The girls attended Drury Brennan’s calligraphy workshop on blackletter scripts. Each were given calligraphy pens and an intro how-to packet on writing in blackletter. Drury began the workshop with an exercise on how to makes strokes and write each letter of the alphabet. After everyone was prepped for the workshop, they continued to work and practice their craft while Drury continued to demonstrate techniques, share his own stories and philosophy on the style, and offer encouraging advice to the eager learners. The girls were able to practice and write phrases that were special to them. At the end of the workshop, Drury stuck around to answer questions and provide advice for budding calligraphers.  Analee, Asha, and Cameo were also able to introduce themselves to Drury and connect with him before we visit his studio this coming week.


Our group ended the day with a few more sessions and inspirational talks to send us on our way. Typo Berlin 2015 is over, but the lessons and experiences from this weekend will stay with us. To check out more on the Typo Berlin cnference, read about and watch some of the talks on their website.

We have an early day tomorrow in Weimar and the next Bauhaus, so we grabbed a quiet dinner to recap the weekend and take a break, then headed for bed. More adventures coming soon!


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