Typo Berlin Day 2

We had another great day at the TypoBerlin conference. A lot more great speakers and workshops for us to enjoy and learn from. Cameo joined a workshop put on by Letters Are Our Friends to create an LED canvas bag. the workshop group each received a letter to implement into their bag design. Cameo worked through the morning and her finished bag looked great!

image image

Over our lunch break we had time to take a nice walk over to the Berlin Bauhaus museum. As one of the 3 locations of the Bauhaus school, there was plenty of history and loads of information to explore. We had a nice lunch and walk back to the conference for more sessions.


After the last session, we decided to visit the Dome, a large glass hemisphere that overlooks the city. When we arrived it was nearing sunset, so we had a beautiful sky as our backdrop. It was quite amazing and held a certain peacefulness to it.

image imageimage

After the long day of conferencing and site seeing we had worked up an appetite. Claudia took us to her favorite Doner spot (kind of like a pita pocket or gyro) and we munched on the way to try some authentic German desserts. It was another great day and we are looking forward to Typo Berlin day 3!

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