Studio visits with Martina Flor and Drury Brennan

Today we began our visits two designers living and working in Germany, the part of the trip we have all been waiting for. The group was eager and anxious to finally meet the designers we have heard so much about. The best part of our trip was about to begin.


We first headed to the studio of Martina Flor, a typography/lettering designer working in Berlin. Her studio is located in a renovated creamatorium which shares space with other creative groups and companies. walking up to the building was an impressive sight, and the intrigue of our visit began to sink in. From the very beginning, Martina was delightful. She happily greeted us and brought us in to letter-shaped cookies and other refreshments. We sat with her as she discussed her story, backround, and motivations/inspirations in the design field. She was very genuine and responsive in talking about her work. Martina even shared with us many examples of her process work and openly provided some tips on how she works on projects. Not only was she inspiring, but she was encouraging and enthusiastic about the field. We had such a great time with Martina, it was a treat to spend time with a designer so humble, genuine, and hospitable. We had such a great time with Martina, it was hard to leave. After our goodbyes and group photo shoot, it was time to visit our next designer for the day.


Our next designer was just as unique as the first. We climbed up a few flights to the tiny studio space of Drury Brennan, an accomplished calligrapher. Dru was a character from the very beginning, full of personality and enthusiasm for sharing his work. We immediately felt comfortable with him. His studio walls were covered with work as well as other elements of inspiration. He shared is story and philosophy on how he worked and what he felt was an important focus for designers. Dru had much to share and showed he was very motivated and intelligent in his methods. He was also very generous in sharing his work and talking us through his processes. We were provided with much insight and tips on how to focus on our own work and pursue new opportunities. He provides a certain level of energy and excitement that is truly addicting. After a great deal of discussion, Dru took us to his favorite coffee shop to relax, chat, and take photos.

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Both visits were very enlightening and inspiring. Each certainly gave us a lot to think about. Today was a very special day for us and we appreciate the time offered to to learn and connect with two amazing professionals in the design industry. Thank you Martina and Drury, your insight and expertise will certainly help shape our own design journeys in the future!

Tomorrow it is off to Heidelberg and the next chapter of our design adventure!

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