Off to Weimar and the Bauhaus

Today we were up bright and early to catch the 3 hour bus ride to Weimar. During the ride, class began with research on the Bauhaus school and its influential members. We then began a discussion as a primer for our visit to the Weimar Bauhaus.


Once we arrived, we had some time before our tour, so we decided to take a walk around the city. Weimar is a beautiful city with plenty of old German architecture and streets, as well as green parks and nature around town. We still had some time, so we decided to grab some lunch with delicious local bratwurst and curry wurst.


Up next was our tour of the original Bauhaus school. Our tour guide was a current student of the school, it is still open today for architecture and design. The tour took us all around the campus and its buildings. the Bauhaus has so much history, and it was almost difficult to absorb it all. It was certainly an experience being able to see everything first hand, as many of us recently finished our class on Modernism, which featurd the school in books and pictures.


After an informative tour, Cameo suggested we try spaghetti eis, ice cream pressed like spaghetti with various toppings! The weather was nice, so we enjoyed our dessert on the patio with other locals and their dogs. The same shop also sold pastries and other sweets, so we loaded up on goodies and went on our way.


There was still time before we had to catch the bus, so we did a bit more wandering and shopping while we could. We are now on our way back to our hotel and are looking forward to our trip to Dessau tomorrow for the final Bauhaus tour!


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