Dessau and the Bauhaus


We started the day early once again to catch the train to Dessau, and once again we began our research  and discussion on route to the school. This is the third Bauhaus school location and the most well known. The Bauhaus in Weimar is forgotten by most and the Berlin location is just one of many attractions in the big city.

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The city of Dessau was once booming with industrialism and attracted many looking for work. Now, Dessau almost feels like a ghost town consisting of a smaller architecture/design school and the Bauhaus. Unlike Weimar, which has  many historical sites for Germany and is big for tourism, Dessau is manly know for the Bauhaus. That said, Dessau is a beautiful city with some of the most amazing architecture, even by today’s standards. Much of the Bauhaus styles and influence on modernism have made an impact on the works of today.


We took an extended tour of the Bauhaus and all of its modern marvels (at least in its own time). It truly is an impressive building with plenty of innovative features. It’s impressive structure is just one of the many treats the building has to offer. This Bauhaus is very famous, and attacts many visitors on a daily basis. Many of the principles and design practices developed here have changed the world and had a significant impact on America’s design identity. It is surreal to see this famous building in person after reading about it and seeing it in pictures. It is certainly a site to see, especially to students of design.

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After the grand tour, we grabbed a bit to eat just in front of the Bauhaus. It was such a beautiful day, we didn’t want to miss out. Now we head home on the train and prepare questions for our studio visits. Tomorrow we meet with Martina Flor and Drury Brennan, who Cameo, Asha, and Analee worked with during one of the Typo Berlin workshops. We are excited to spend the day learning from a few masters of the craft – more to come!


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