Arriving in Heidelberg


Today we awoke very early to catch the train to Heidelberg. It was a 5 hour train ride from Berlin, so we had plenty of time to rest and take care of things.

Upon arriving in Heidelberg, we grabbed lunch near our hotel to enjoy quality time outdoors. After lunch we checked into our hotels and got settled. We do not have any appointments until tomorrow, so we then decided to check out the city and view the sites.

Heidelberg is a beautiful city and also a large tourist location. We quickly learned why. The architecture and landscape is both historic and impressive, quite different from the cities we visited in northwest Germany. The sheer beauty of the city is overwhelming at times. There is so much to see and experience in such a small town. The city even has a castle that overlooks the city. I could describe it to you, but in this case I believe pictures will do a much better job. These awe inspiring sites sink in as we head home to rest for our next adventure.




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