A stop in Stuttgart with Andreas Ubele and Strichpunkt

Today we took the morning train to Stuttgart to visit the studio of Andreas Ubele and the Strichpunkt agency.


First we headed to Andreas’ studio to enjoy warm pretzels and coffee. Andreas and his team happily greeted us and were incredibly hospitable. After showing us around their studio, each of the members shared their current projects and insight. Andreas then sat us down to chat and answer questions. Andreas is a textbook example of a German designer, very strict in his methods. but efficient and effective. Andreas was an excellent conversationalist and eager to learn new american slang. Talking with Andreas was a great treat for us, and we all felt he had given us a lot to think about.


After a nice visit with Andreas, we headed off to the Strichpunkt studios. Nico Wust greeted us at the door and took us up to meet some of the team. Strichpunkt had the look and feel of a big creative agency. Despite working primarily with clients in Germany, the agency’s design style had a familiar feel with American design.


Nico shared with us the mission and goal of the agency, as well as many projects they have worked on. The creative space was truly impressive, and all of us were drooling at the amazing work spaces. Strichpunkt has an ideal studio for creative work. After the tour of the studio, we had time for questions and time to admire work. Strichpunkt was another inspiring visit that will stick with us.

We still had some time in Stuttgart, so we decided to check out the Porsche museum. Porsche is a design marvel, intelligently designed, excellent wayfinding, and some nice cars to boot! Not only has Porsche been on the cutting edhe of car design, but also has a mind for design as well. Plenty of eye candy and interactive exhibits throughout. A very cool place and a great way to end our day in Stuggart.


We have one more day and three more cities to visit, onward!

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