TYPO Berlin 2014 wrap up

The rest of our crew finally made it to Berlin and got a chance to enjoy the rest of the conference. The girls struggled to stay awake after their long flight but lucky for them they had help and plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied. We started day two with a prerecorded talk from the very knowledgable Gerrit Noordzij about the evolution of letterforms and the written word. Our friend Joost Grootens explained his philosophies on design without art. Caroline and Bill took calligraphy workshops from Drury Brennan and Jim Avignon won over the crowd with his distinctive style and explained his trailblazing and hell raising career from a homeless vagabond to having more money than he knew what to do with. Roger Law explained the art of theft and David Carson wrapped up day two with a very awkward but entertaining talk about his three favorite subjects.

Saturday morning we all rethought publishing and distribution with Peter Bilák and watched Erik von Blokland and Paul van der Laan rip apart type sketches in the TypeCooker judging. Some of us made it to the Bauhaus archives in Berlin while one unlucky fellow made his way back to the motel to catchup on work. Three jam packed days of type talk and no one called us a geek once. Thanks TYPO, hope to see you next year.




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