Tokyo Day 3 :: Paper Making

Today we visited the Paper Museum. We jumped straight into the paper making workshop where the process was described in Japanese. We followed an assembly line process of making one sheet of paper each by first selecting a screen with water marks pre-fixed.

Next we chose two elements to integrate into our paper. They had a selection of colorful paper punches and leaves to pick from.


We dunked our screens into the prepared paper pulp and water mixture, pressed our selected embellishments into the bottom of the screen and pulled the screens up and out of the mixture. Next we expelled excess water from the paper by applying pressure with a press with a lever on the side. Last we ironed the paper until all of the moisture was out. The paper making attendants were all very spirited about having us there.20140517-220554.jpg20140517-220733.jpg

The museum’s permanent exhibition walks through the process, history and techniques involved in paper making along with interesting artifacts relevant in time.20140517-222645.jpg
Paper Kimono and paper bear toy
Paper game with interchangeable wigs
This interactive installation allows you to touch various paper types and discover its ingredients by lifting the hatch.

The rest of the day we explored the city soaking up images and sounds, tastes and smells. Tonight we went to the Shibuya crossing where thousands scramble across the street from every angle. This is a wild thing to view from above and even more so to be in the mix of.


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