One last day in Berlin


We kicked off phase II of our trip today with our first two studio tours. We began the day at Till Wiedeck’s studio, HelloMe, where he took time out of his busy schedule to show us some of his latest projects and explained his philosophy of working WITH clients as opposed to FOR them. He also told us about the three forms of payment he’s willing to accept for design jobs, ie. Fun, Fame, or Fortune.

Afterwards we traveled across town to have some amazing Italian food and some of us bought heavy books in a beautiful bookstore under the tracks as we listened to the trains rattle by overhead.

We jumped back on the train and made our way to the studio of Ariane Spanier’s studio and witnessed firsthand how she experiments with strange materials to make beautifully and unique typographic expressions. We asked her why so much of her work incorporates movement and she explained that it’s probably her natural resistance to break free from the restraints of the static page. She also blew our minds with her demonstration of how she used magnets and magnetic paint to create her typeface Peak. She attributes her since of play and experimentation to her father, who was constantly letting her help him in his workshop growing up. We took the rest of the evening off and split up to do one last night of sightseeing in this beautiful city.

Tomorrow we visit Lucas de Groot in the morning before hoping on a long train to Amsterdam, so “tschuss” from Germany. We will say “hoi” from the Netherlands tomorrow.

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