Last Day of Class in Amsterdam

We woke up this morning excited/sad for our final day of class. We have packed so much into such a short time our heads are spinning, or as Ariane Spanier might say, we have “brain knot.” Ok maybe not, but regardless we still had two studio visits to go.

We stopped by the train station this morning on our way to pickup tickets for the girls’ Paris trip tomorrow before catching a taxi out to the old docks to meet with Innit Design’s Luuk Wezenberg. Unfortunately he couldn’t make the meeting we scheduled with him months ago and had to cancel at the last minute. We didn’t let it get us down and made the most of our new found time by visiting the EYE Filminstituut which had amazing architecture and cappuccinos. This also afforded us a leisurely stroll by the Centrale Bibliotheek (public library), also a mammoth architectural work with great views of the city.

Our next appointment was with KesselsKramer which was just a few short blocks (by Claudia’s standards) away. We met Bart who started by giving us a tour of one of the strangest studios ever. It’s built inside of an old gothic style Catholic Church. After the tour he showed us some of their more humorous projects that they’ve done for past clients. His presentation had us LOL’ing our heads off. Afterwards, we had a question and answer session. KesselsKramer were the largest studio that we met with and surprisingly some of the most laid back. Their work environment looked like a childhood fortress built inside a church decorated with the tackiest items anyone could buy. It bordered on kitsch and chaos. If they ever get tired of design they probably have a great chance at standup comedy.

We left, breathed a sigh of relief, emptied out all the plastic sleeves (ie. daily agendas) and had one last farewell meal together to recap the entire experience. We have had so much fun and learned so much. This trip has been an experience to remember for a lifetime and I think we will all return to Texas with our eyes and minds a bit wider than when we left.

Thanks Claudia, you’re the best!

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