Berlin to Amsterdam


Wow. What a change of pace. We started the morning with Lucas de Groot’s people providing us with Russian bread and moving water so naturally, we spelt out our name.

His studio is under construction so he set up a makeshift meeting room and gave us a talk on Readability per Square Centimeter. He explained his meticulous process for laying out copy and the tedious detail that he builds into his fonts.


We said goodbye and tried to board a train for Amsterdam. Unfortunately a truck cut the power line over the tracks and we had to be rerouted with all our heavy luggage (ie. books) in tow. We got into Amsterdam 40 minutes late but otherwise without any more incidents.

We checked into our hotel and climbed the incredibly steep and narrow stairs to the counter. The staff of the hotel are the most hospitable people and carried our heavy luggage to our rooms for us since there is no elevator.

The view from our balcony is amazing but we pay for it with the street noise that seems to go all night. #noregrets, we’d pick room 206 again any day.

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