Bauhaus in Dessau


This was the day many of us flew here for and it did not disappoint. The weather was lovely as we approached the iconic building we’ve all read so much about. It was quite astonishing to see it in person. It’s impossible to get a true since of the architecture until you experience it. We all took the classic MFA ComDes group photos in front of the signs and had a bite to eat at the wonderful, and surprisingly cheap, cafe in the basement while we waited for our tour guide.


She gave us a very soft spoken tour of everything from the original student dormitories to the masters houses, including Gropius’ newly recreated director’s house. The kind man standing guard agreed to let us in for an unofficial private tour as long as we promised not to scuff the freshly painted white walls.

Back at the Bauhaus, we saw (and smelled) Gropius’ second draft of the office he created in Weimar. Claudia even got to see something she’d never experienced before on all her trips there, his secretary’s office.

After the tour we split up and perused the space and gift shops at our own pace. We met back at the cafe for coffee and snacks while we chatted about this amazing experience and waited on our train. We got back in to town early so most of us went to the Jewish museum. Tomorrow we will be meeting with Ariane Spanier and the good people from HelloMe to see their space.


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