Amsterdam Reset

Day one began with a similar but less fulfilling breakfast in the ever cramped breakfast room at the hotel. Staying here is like playing Tetris or some other puzzle game where you have to first move one thing out of the way in order to move the thing you are trying to move. In other words, it’s tight on space.



We walked to the Universiteit van Amsterdam to meet with Mathieu Lommen who showed us the oldest type specimen books in existence while he explained the evolution of writing and bookmaking from broad pens to wood cuts and copper plate techniques up to modern day printing. We were so inspired after our meeting that we had to rugs out to the university bookshop to pick up som more heavy books to lug through Europe.



It was a beautiful spring day out as we walked to an outer district to meet with an up-and-coming Ruben Doornweerd who has one of the most amazing studio spaces a designer could ask for atop a centuries old Amsterdam building. His only complaint was that the skylights glare on his screen. He showed us his journey from student to young professional and how it all started by taking a chance and jumping in feet first to the great unknown. His work dealt with systems and organization and he seemed to have a knack for speaking to a young/hip audience.


We called it an early day and split up to visit museums and bars before heading back to the hotel to rest up for our final day of class.


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