ComDes MFA Students: Type Design Workshop with Tom Ahn

Saturday, March 29, 9:00-4:30

In the MFA Studio & The Wittliff Collections

Typeface Design Workshop with Tom Ahn: Exploring Texas Archetypes

Lunch provided!

Tom Ahn will lead students in researching and dissecting Texas cultural archetypes, with special access to the Wittliff Special Collections.

The Wittliff’s treasure trove of Texana includes archives of materials from:
– Lonesome Dove
– King of the Hill
– Cormac McCarthy
– Willie Nelson
– Armadillo World Headquarters (music posters from the 70s)
– Selena
– Texas Monthly
– and much more…

In response to their research, each student will develop an original typeface and then design a type specimen poster.

Following the March 29th workshop, there will be TWO subsequent meetings in April, to be scheduled.

Space is limited, so please email Maia at to reserve your spot!

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