Failing Forward

During academic study, the students of the MFAcomdes program do much more than simply  read, write, and complete projects. Some projects require exploration beyond the walls of the Alkek library, beyond the barriers of internet articles and videos. Some projects extend beyond the class room, and the boundaries of campus boarders. The Contemporary Issues and Criticism (Iss&Crit) class of Fall 2013, led by Asst. Prof. Maia Wright, embraced the topic of failure for one of the written assignments. These essays delved into and examined the pros and cons of projects and experiences that didn’t go as planned. The students of Iss&Crit (Stephanie Hall, Lisa McDaniel, Trey Terrell, Carla Brownell, Roxanne Sides, Cameo Chattin, Patrick Gosnell, David Morley, Katrina Barber, Deborah Camp, and Matt Himes) interviewed some of the top names in the graphic design field, James Victore, Khoi Vinh, Matt McInerney, and others. The next step of the project involved creating a publication from the research and writings. On Monday, 13 JAN the Iss&Crit class will be presenting their publication after MFA SH[ ]WCASE. The release party will be at Wake the Dead Coffee House, 8:30 PM. Issues will be available for free, desserts will be served, and several door prizes will be given away. Show up with friends, your appetites for food, music, and design, and support your friendly neighborhood MFAers.

James Victore
James Vitore quote poster

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