Pixels of Fury

Earlier this month, AIGA San Antonio put on the screen-to-screen competition Pixels of Fury sponsored by shutterstock.com. Eight talented contestants from the San Antonio design community were invited to face off for prizes, the furious pixel trophy, and bragging rights. One of those contestants was MAFcomdes’ own Cesar Rivera. The eight competitors were divided into two groups for the initial two rounds. In front of a the crowded halls of the Finesilver Bulding, Cesar Rivera went toe-to-toe with Alexis Souza, Rick Lopez, and Samantha Muscat-Sheer in first, 20 minute round to design a poster that “inspires others to give back.” Cesar Rivera, in a crowd pleasing decision, victoriously designed a poster that brings attention to the plight of homeless persons during the holiday season. The next batch of contenders were Alejandro Perez-Segnini, Doris Palmeros, Jason Schimer, and Ricky Möller. Again, the crowd had to determine the next finalist for the last challenge. In an overwhelming decision, Doris Palmeros, designing a poster to increase awareness for the need to donate to the food bank, moved on to vie for the title. In the final round, the adversaries had to trade topics; Cesar took on hunger and Doris homelessness. To top off the evening of food, drinks, and design, the attendants of the event needed to make one last decision to choose the winner. Cesar’s design was a look at the predicament of the underprivileged‘s search for food amongst refuse and Doris tackled homelessness with a a look at ramshackle structures often occupied by people of little means. Doris emerged as top winner. Cesar was awarded the runner-up prize of a 1 Month subscription to shutterstock.com. Congratulations to all the participants, especially MFAer Cesar Rivera. Tell us about your achievements and accolades so we can assist with your bragging rights.

The Furious Pixel

Cesar Rivera, pixel pusher

Standing room only

All photos from AIGA San Antonio Facebook page

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