Judging SH[ ]WCASE

On 05 DEC 2013, distinguished judges Armin Vit @ArminVit and Christian Helms @xianhelms took time out of their busy schedules to judge graduate work for the Spring SH[ ]CASE EXHIBIT. Armin Vit is co-founder of UnderConsideration an umbrella blog that runs six well-known and growing design dialog blogs Speak Up, Brand New, Quipsologies, The Design Encyclopedia, Word It, and FPO. Christian Helms is a partner at the Decoder Ring, a screenprint-focused studio, specializing in posters, products and fine art prints, owner of Helms Workshop, an award-winning design and brand development studio, and co-owner/Creative Director of Frank, Purveyors of Artisan Sausage. Armin and Christian, both Austin based, spent 3 hours in the MFAcomdes Studio at Texas State University undertaking the demanding task of sifting through 104 MFAcomdes graduate projects from the past year and a half. Their task was to select pieces to be featured in the exhibit on 13 JAN 2013. The MFA SH[ ]WCASE EXHIBIT will open and start at 6PM and winners of scholarships will be announced at 7PM in the art gallery of the JCM building. Armin and Christian will be in attendance to help award the scholarships. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and greet these two powerhouses in the design community, and the graduate students and faculty of the MFAcomdes program.

design-will-save-your-brand-armin-vit1-300x300  christian-helms-slideshow-290x290



Armin and Christian hard at work judging.

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