Muséomix Québec

Maia Wright is mixing it up at Muséomix Québec, with a team of curators, UX designers, writers, and fabricators. Keeping busy! Her team’s challenge is an exhibition consisting of censored books from the 16th and 17th century. The question is how to give the museum visitor a meaningful experience of these books and their contents, when they are so rare and fragile that they have to be displayed inside a vitrine?

The solution will reveal itself over the next few days. They are building a working prototype on-site in the museum, which must be completed by Sunday afternoon, when the museum’s doors open to the public. There are 9 other teams, each creating a different exhibition within the museum.

On the same timeline, there are Muséomixes happening at museums in the UK, Paris, and 4 other cities in France. All the projects will be revealed on Sunday, at all 6 museums




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