List of Upcoming Competitions

mfasignStudents are encouraged to enter design competitions and gain peer reviewed recognition for their work. Here is a competition list to help:

Promotion & Marketing **Closed**
In-House Designs **Deadline: **Closed**
Logo Design **02 OCT 2017**
International Design **Deadline: 25 SEPT 2017**

Posters Annual **Deadline: 30 JAN 2018**
Design Annual **Deadline: 20 MAR 2018**
Advertising Annual **Deadline: 19 SEPT 2017**
Photography Annual **Deadline: 19 SEPT 2017**
New Talent Annual **Deadline: 31 OCT 2017 **
Logo **TBA**
Letterhead 8 **TBA**
Typography 4: Typeface Design **Deadline: 12 SEPT 2017**
Typography 4: Type In Use **Deadline: 12 SEPT 2017**
Branding 7 **Deadline: 07 NOV 2017**

Communication Arts Competitions
Photography **Deadline: 09 MAR 2018**
Design **Deadline: 24 MAY 2018**
Advertising **Deadline: 04 MAY 2018**
Typography **Deadline: 22 SEPT 2017**
Interactive **Deadline: 06 OCT 2017**
Illustration **Deadline: 05 JAN 2018**

Texas Show **Closed**
This competition is Biennial. Show in April.
Blue Ridge Flux **10 NOV 2017**

Creative Summit  **Conference: 10/11 NOV 2017**
More later on Student Submissions

American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards
Austin **Closed** Usually December
San Antonio **Closed**

Logo Lounge
Book 10 **Closed** Publication: 20 OCT 2017

National Student Show **Closed** Usually in March/April

Type Directors Club
Communication Design **Deadline: 18 JAN 2017**
Typeface Design **Deadline: 18 JAN 2017**

Art Directors Club
Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards
Student All Categories **Closed**
Tomorrow **Closed**
Young Guns **Closed**

Fast Company
Innovation by Design Awards **Deadline: 04 MAY 2017**

PRINT Regional Design Annual **Deadline: 01 MAY 2017**

Poster for Tomorrow **Deadline: 10 JULY 2017**

SOTA **Deadline: 24 APRIL 2017**

Graphic Design USA
Inhouse Design **Deadline: 21 April 2017
Package Design **Closed**
Student Design **Deadline: 28 APRIL 2017
Web Design **Deadline: 07 APRIL 2017**
American Graphic Design **22 SEPT 2017**
Health + Wellness Design **Closed**

Adobe Design Achievement **Deadline: 12 JUNE 2017**

As a reminder, these dates and times are contingent upon the individuals and organizers of the various competitions. Dates and times may be extended, shortened or changed by those individuals and organizations without prior notice. Additionally, competitions may be cancelled at any time without prior notice. MFAcomdes blog has no control nor influence over any changes to rules of competitions nor dates and times. For specific questions regarding any competition, contact the competition organizers through the links provided. Please be sure to click on the provided links for complete rules to the competitions of interest. MFAcomdes blog will do its utmost best to keep the competition dates as up-to-date as possible.

If there are competitions you know of that are not on this list, please let us know and we will add them.
Go to this LINK to submit Competition Notification Forms.

MFAcomdes students of TxState University that have won recognition at any level (trophies, certificates, scholarships, etc.), submit Award Notification Forms located on the MFA ComDes website.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your next competition.

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