Flush It

MFAers, we have a new contest to enter, Flush It. The new flushers in the restrooms – you know, the green handles – are another step in the university’s efforts to become more sustainable.

The Device: If you deposit fluids in the toilet, you pull up on the bacteria resistant handle. If you deposit solids, you push down on the handle.

The Problem: The instructions on how to use these new handles is on the stall doors and are small and not too clear (see attached pict).

The Task: Come up with a solution – graphic, type, combo, etc. – to deliver the flushing instructions in a more interesting and engaging manner.

The Delivery: Upload a jpeg here to the MFAcomdes FB page for consideration. Last day to enter will be 11:59PM, 22 AUG 2013.

The Decision: The top three designs will be chosen via FB “Likes.” Those top three designs along with designers will be presented at the Fall 2013 Orientation.

The Winner: Those MFAers in attendance to orientation will vote on the best solution from the top three designs. The winner will be announced and prize awarded. Winner also must be in attendance at orientation to win.

The Prize: The prize bundle currently is up to $100. The amount could be more by the time of the announcement. Claudia is working hard on fund raising.

We look forward to seeing your entries.


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Everyone, voting on FB ends at 8AM tomorrow morning. Keep those votes coming in. The winner will be announced at Fall 2013 Orientation tomorrow morning.

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