After the Advanced HTML & CSS Workshop

Yesterday was the advanced HTML and CSS workshop. A special thanks to Grayson Lawrence for taking the time to teach us a thing or two about responsive web design. Also, thanks to Christine for organizing lunch, and generally keeping us in the loop. Though it was a long day, we had a great time, and I for one learned a lot. While in class we learned how to make a website adapt to the dimensions of a desktop, tablet and phone. And the three elements of awesomeness; “A flexible grid layout, flexible images and media queries.” When the class had finished we had two pretty basic website home pages programmed using Komomdo Edit, a program similar to Adobe Dreamweaver. It was pretty simple and straight forward to use, not to mention it’s free to download. You can check out the first page we did here.

If you weren’t able to make it to this workshop, keep your eyes peeled and ear to the ground for the next one (TBD). There is a lot to learn and you know there will be even more by the time another workshop comes around.


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