FREE Advanced HTML & CSS Workshop

Dear MFA students, we are offering the advanced course for anyone feeling the need to get up to speed on HTML + CSS further. This workshop is at the intermediate / advanced level of the one we ran in January. However, you can sign up for this one, if you know basic HTML + CSS, and were not part of the one in January. It is free of charge + includes free lunch. It is scheduled for August 10th, 2013 from 8 am to 5 pm on campus. This workshop will teach students how to plan, design, and code a working Responsive Web Design site. It is assumed that the students participating in this workshop already be familiar with hand-coding HTML/CSS. Limited seating is available, so please email me by 07/26/13 to be put on the list of attendees, first come/first serve for anyone enrolled – if you are on the list, you are expected to participate to not take someone else’s spot. We are looking forward to this great opportunity for you – Claudia (email cr29).

PS We’ll see you at Orientation on August 24th!!

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