Truth is a Big Concept

It was another exciting day of studio visits and a factory tour. The students started the day out at Heidelberg Printing Machines with the tour guide Klaus Oppermann. The group was escorted around the enormous complex of machine parts, machine shop, electronics, complete printing machines and make ready & delivery areas. The next stop was at Strichpunkt and a presentation with Jochen Theurer. Strichpunkt specializes in Annual Reports, Corporate Identity, Branding and Strategy. They create wonderful and beautiful editorial designs. Jochen believes, “Work is like a hobby and not working time.” Then the students visited with Andreas Uebele. His studio works on a lot of environmental graphic design and way finding projects. They develop conceptual and innovative production ideas.

The students asked all the designers about the process the agencies use to start research and development on projects. They all do workshops where they invite the clients and the design team to find the core needs of the projects. The designers all agree that this is the best place to start since this allows everyone to focus on the strategy. The group has one more meeting with Monotype and will visit the Klingspor Museum tomorrow. Come back tomorrow for more updates. We’ll see you on the Internet.


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