Seek Home for Rest, for Home is the Best

Today the students headed out to meet the folks at the Monotype type foundry in Bad Homburg. The reason they switched to Monotype is they wanted to create an umbrella company for all the foundries that they represent and Otmar Hoefer says, “We only changed two letters.” They sell over 3000 fonts on their web site. They have offices all over the world and they refer to the type designers as type engineers. The students then had a thrilling ride down the Autobahn to the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach. The Klingspor Typefoundry was founded in 1898 and the museum now holds some of the most amazing type specimens and archives. They have original drawings and printings of Kabel (Cable) in German and English. Today is the final day of the excursion and some of them will begin to prepare for the long trip home and others will continue European travels. Be sure to watch for their social media posts. Thanks for following the group’s adventures. We’ll see you on the Internet.


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