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Days two and three of the trip have been spent at TYPO Berlin. The travelers have been absorbing wonderfully new information and meeting some great international creatives, Erik Spiekermann, Jan Middendrop, Kate Moross and Julia Kahl, just to name a few. They have been listening to speakers talk about how we, as a society, need to get back in touch with the physical world while still staying connected to the digital one. From using collected tweet data to create a physical sculpture to touch consumers, not products to type face creation for the visually impaired, the information gained here will help them form new and interesting thoughts and ideas.

Today the group continues with the conference and will be learning more and doing activities like hands on calligraphy and woodblock printing. Look for images and video clips on the travelers’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts. They have been getting retweets, likes, favorites and shares from the speakers and other attendees of the conference. This is giving them and the MFAcomdes program some great international recognition and exposure.

This is the last day of the conference. The travelers will be going to some great places in Germany like the three Bauhauses, type and book related museums and design studios. Look out for new posts here and on social media. We’ll see you on the internet.


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