I Wish I Had More Time to Visit Schools

Bauhaus in Dessau was an amazing visit. The grounds were nicely manicured and the guide was incredibly informative. The students were exposed to the beauty, mystery and asymmetrical secrets of this legendary structure. The building is a mix of economical industrial fixtures and high-end design. For the time, the exterior and interior designs of the building were incredibly innovative. Even today, some of the well thought out design is still ahead of it’s time. The floors of the Bauhaus are concrete. The top layer is a generous layer of concrete and the layer under that is a mix of concrete and wood particles. This helps to absorb sound. After, the group went to visit the Jewish Museum in Berlin. It is great architecture and a humbling interaction.

The group learned a great deal and will be learning even more with visits to Information Architects, edanspiekermann and Frank Ortmann. Look for some tweets later this evening covering the students’ visits. We’ll see you on the Internet.


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