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The group set out on the first journey to meet with designers in Germany. They first met with designers from Palace Hotel (PH), formerly part of Information Architects. PH works with mostly German clients and for those clients they work on web design, branding and strategy. The next agency was edenspiekermann (ES) and the presentation was given by Paul Woods. They provide many services including: Identity Brand Design, Service Design, Change & Communications and Digital Products & Services. They have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Stuttgart and San Francisco and employ 97 people. ES’s philosophies are:
Create relevance for brands
Tolerate failure (creativity needs experimentation)
Generate ideas
Everyone likes making stuff
Invent new tools
Dare to say no
Their goals in business are the 5 D’s: Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Last, and certainly not least, the students visited with Frank Ortmann of Freies Grafik Design. He is a graphic designer and is well-known for his calligraphy. Frank is trained in letterpress and really likes old printing processes and techniques. He seeks smaller clients to do more creative and artistic work. Frank has a certain quality of work that shows his passion for design. His thoughts on the designer are, “The designer looks deeper and sharper for solutions. The designer needs a strong imagination.” Frank Ortmann also provided the students with a calligraphy workshop.

The group asked all the designers they met with, “Where do you look for inspiration?” The designers all said they look online and at print. Additionally, they all agreed: designers need to step away from the computers and get their minds off the projects for a while. All the visits were a wonderful look into how design is approached in Germany. The group traveled today to Heidelberg and will be meeting with Strichpunkt and Andreas Uebele tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the next post. We’ll see you on the Internet.


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