A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted

TYPO Berlin has been an amazing and wonderful experience. The conference introduced the students to some great ideas and incredible creatives from around the globe. This third and final day brought a calligraphy workshop (@mycreativehead, twitter), a talk about prototypes to help the deaf and blind (@ecesarrivera, twitter), a trip to the Berlin Bauhaus (@lisasmcdaniel, twitter), a woodblock poster printing workshop (@ecesarrivera), a guitar and graphics talk that felt like a concert (@ Patrick_Gosnell, twitter) and an awe inspiring look at work from the studio of Sagmiester + Walsh by Jessica Walsh (@Beane428). The conference as a whole was a very informative look at how to touch communities and change perceptions. The attendees laughed with some and were amazed by others.

The conference is over and it is now time to experience more German design and typography. Tomorrow the group continues their tours of the Bauhauses. Be sure to follow their postings of these adventurers with the hashtags #mfaeurope and #TXST. Look for our travelers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr. We’ll see you on the Internet.


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