Goodbye to Amsterdam

Friday was the last day of the International Perspectives in Typography class Europe trip. We visited the Eye Museum and two more studios before having our goodbye dinner.

The first studio tour was at KoeweidenPostma with Jacques Koeweiden. 70% of Koeweiden’s work involves cultural projects which he feels strongly about. Some of the really great projects he shared with us were work for the Ramadan Festival, HEMA, and the Van Gogh Museum. He pointed out that the Dutch have the mental freedom to play and that having fun is so important. Koeweiden really proves that we should be working for clients and projects we believe in.

Our final talk was with Edo van Dijk at the Amsterdam office of Edenspiekermann. This firm really shows design thinking behind their work which is something often discussed today. Edo van Dijk described it as connecting the dots and presented what it means in his company: making strategy tangible and brands stronger, transfering knowledge, telling compelling stories, making products and services smarter, and making websites responsive. We were also presented with the process cycle and approach behind the firm’s work including a discussion on their well-known identity for the city of Amsterdam. A great website suggestion from van Dijk about the design process:

The class portion of our trip has sadly come to an end. We have all learned so much between TYPO Berlin, touring the three locations of the Bauhaus, and talking with successful designers at their studios. The ten days of inspiration have given us incredible insights into the world of design. We are all incredibly grateful for the experience, and to everyone we met with and those who made it all happen including Texas State University, Christine Haney, and the organizer and  trip “Captain” Claudia Roeschmann!

Stay tuned for photos.

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