Five MFA students and Professor Roeschmann land in Berlin.

We all arrived in Berlin for the first leg of our International Perspectives in Typography class over Tuesday and Wednesday. The first two days were full of walking the city and seeing many well-known Berlin sights including a stop at the Jewish Museum.

Today was the first day of TYPO Berlin, an annual international design conference that started over sixteen years ago. After checking in the six of us took a boat tour on the Spree and climbed over 300 stairs for a view of the city from the top of Cathedral of Berlin, the largest church in the city.

Once back at TYPO we watched presentations by Morag Myerscough, Daniel van der Velden, Yves Peters, Kirsten Dietz, Andreas Uebele, Christopher and Kaisa Leka, and Lars Muller. It was a big line-up for the first and shortest day of the conference.

Some highlights from TYPO:

:: Morag Myerscough discussed her work reclaiming old spaces and making them into places. She loves color, has an obsession for pattern and her personal space is a “place to think, experiment and work.”

:: Daniel van der Velden believes jokes are political weapons and design tricks. “Out goes the designer-author and in comes the designer-comedian.”

:: Yves Peters talked about calligraphy, lettering and typography as a relationship between the person the tools and the canvas. He described the evolution of script from metal type to the digital versions and showed some code on how to make believable hand-written looking typefaces.

:: Lars Muller believes in communication as a big picture. “Observe yourself and others, get bogged down on a topic, and get clients who deserve your attention.”


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