The Power of Collaboration

In this year’s Poster for Tomorrow contest, our MFA students once again helped draw attention to a social cause—calling out for the Rights to Education—through their poster design. Among 2780 posters submitted throughout the world, 4 of our students and our professor Jeff Davis were shortlisted top 400. Among them winners are Stephanie Hall, Chuck Sanders, William Townsend, and April Wright. Chuck was also shortlisted top 100 poster. Congratulations everyone! You all did wonderful!

Aside from the tremendous talent these students possess, they also sharing something else in common: all of them were enrolled in Jeff’s ARTC 5310 Art Direction class over this summer. That leads us to the point—designers should not work alone because good ideas always flourish in the process of bouncing back and forth through collaboration. This was also the case in last summer’s Art Direction class with Bill Meek, with 5 of his students shortlisted in 2010’s Good50x70. It has been my observation that students tend to be more driven, more competitive, and likely to produce excellent work in an environment that encourages discussion along with constructive and honest feedback. If one of your upcoming goals is to win in the next rounds of competition, it will be wise to get together with your fellow design peers and start sharing some brain waves in a shared space, or enroll in a class with such goal.

On another note, our peers Duncan and Miguel have been coordinating frequent meet-ups that serve as an outlet to share projects we have been working on, budding ideas, hands-on tips, and let’s face it, frustrations we come across when we hit our walls. Like their Facebook page to get info on their next meetings.

Semester is coming to an end. What collaborative exchange has been especially mind-opening to you this semester? Thoughts welcomed.


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