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Brand New Conference Live Webcast

In the age of convergence, when it is becoming harder to draw the line between making a business look sleek + representing a business well, designers are taking on new roles to help clients define themselves visually + strategically in the marketplace.

Enjoy a conference on branding with other creative minds without flying to San Francisco next Friday, 9/16 at JCM 3107. The Communication Design Program is holding a live webcast from 11am–8:30pm. And did we mention it is free for attendees!

The Brand New Conference is a one-day event organized by UnderConsideration, focusing on the practice of corporate and brand identity — a direct extension of the popular blog, Brand New by Armin Vit + Bryony Gomez-Palaci. The conference consists of eight sessions offering a broad range of points of view with speakers from around the world practicing in different environments, from global consultancies, to in-house groups, to small firms.

As a bonus, ComDes faculty will be hosting workshops to keep our creative juice flowing in between sessions.

9/16, next Friday
, show up when you can make it + stay for as long as you can
JCM 3107 (live streaming from San Francisco)
Show up: with an open mind + sketchbooks + xactos for the workshops

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