Orientation for the 2011–2012 Calendar

Welcome new students + welcome back returning ones!
Orientation is this Saturday, August 20, at 10am at JCM’s 2nd floor MFA studio + conference room.

Orientation can be a misleading term where it seems to be just for new students and a meeting on how the program works. Part of it still is. For others, it is probably the only time in a year (hopefully not throughout their MFA life) when they get to meet their fellow degree pursuers, discover the going-ons, and available resources (such as where the print room is) in the program . After all, we are collaborators who create better work by being informed and bouncing ideas.

So come and meet new + old buddies + professors you may want to take a class with next semester, get informed on what you can expect from newer classes offered, and gain insights from former students on the path they have set forth on.

Coffee will be brewing + light breakfast served, if you come early.

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