Creative Summit 25 Recap

In case you missed it, these are some of the things that happened in last month’s Creative Summit 25.

::  MFA students Blake, Genaro, Sean + Shawn each took home the Coveted Memorial Ralph Award. CS has been an inspiration for students to pouring our their creativity and working hard in the midst of long nights and what seem to be never ending semesters. Seeing the exhibited works not only gives us a sense of humility, at the same time it empowers us even more so when we realize the tremendous power we hold to move and engage hearts with thoughtful design. Here are some notes from the conference.

:: Lubalin is educational; Helvetica is global; Bodoni is classic. ::
Dana Arnett, on selecting a corporate typeface for IBM’s rebrand. See which one they chose on IBM‘s website.

:: Do you all know who Paul Rand is? …Know that there is a history behind graphic design as we are gradually becoming a part of it. ::
:: You can make a good living understanding the rational behind branding….It is our job as designers to reflect + represent  the image of clients in the in the midst of millions of brands. We make it easy for them to explain their brand. Think of it as the successful “elevator pitch”, if clients only have the time of an elevator ride to explain what they do, how can we help them achieve that? ::
:: Go out there. Ask questions on “why” and “why not” something work. ::
Karin Hibma Cronan, on branding and identity. She goes through piles of research when comnig up with names for clients. Clients are impressed and in turn, see the value of design based on empirical data. We cannot stress enough on the importance of research as creatives.

:: Not everyone is going to think your work is great. Be persistent, somebody is going to like it. I call it the Las Vegas factor. ::
John Sabel, on sticking to do what you love.

The speakers at the Q&A session explains design.
Design is…
:: a combination of strategy + tactics
:: something that is not done yet
:: making something better, be it functionally, aesthetically…etc
:: problem-solving + decision making
:: provides clarity
:: communication

Hopefully next time when our moms ask what is it that we do, this helps us give them a better perspective.


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