TYPO wraps up

Today was another full exhausting, exhilarating day at the last day of the conference. Highlight (at least Sean’s) including the MFA team dominating the Q&A session with Erik Kessels (with whom our brave professor has secured a studio visit while in Amsterdam), Jonathan Barnbrook’s explanation of why there is still a need to design new typefaces, and, as an inspiration to all of contemplating our theses, Julian Zimmermann’s story of creating an identity for a king for his thesis. The conference closed with a surreal bit of performance art that seemed to have little to do with their work. Or graphic design. Or typography. Or much of anything.

Our team is now complete as Shawn arrived safe and sound this morning. He managed to stay awake longer than the rest of us did on our first day and hopefully, we’ll all be well rested for this official start of class tomorrow with our journey to Weimar, the first home of the Bauhaus.

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