TYPO day two

Another amazing day at the conference. It’s been very inspiring to see so many incredible designers share what they are passionate about and inspire the rest of us to follow our passions in our design work.

We started our adventures today buy visiting the Berliner Dom, an incredibly beautiful church that was literally split in two by the wall. Amazing architecture and a very spiritual environment.

The conference had great speakers today including Martin Majoor and his passion for the work of Jose Mendoza y Almeida. Next up was Niels Shoe Meuleman showing his amazing work he calls caligrafitti, which is a mix of, of course, calligraphy and graffiti, with amazing results!

Jan Chipchase travels the world studying how human behavior in developing countries can help designers reduce a project to it’s most basic elements and how to find opportunities to change culture and for business advancement. Fons Hickmann presented his studio’s distinct vision of expressive typography-based design.

Next up was David Carson. Hmmm. What to day about his presentation? I (Sean) won’t attempt to speak for this whole group, but, while never really being a big fan, I was rather indifferent to Carson’s work. The presentation he gave seemed very like he threw it together on the plane ride. We “learned” that Carson likes women’s breasts and taking pics of his bloody wounds. Oh, and he likes surfing. Seriously, I feel if a designer I really respected gave such a self-centered, myopic presentation, I would be greatly disappointed. That he showed almost no work, but spend so much time on his personal live was a disappointment.

Erik Kessels improved the environment considerably, showing the power of everyday humor and finding beauty and passion in everyday imagery. Easily one of highlights of the show so far. Eike Konig ended the night with a glimpse into his creative world, with some playful and witty jabs at his fellow presenters. So far the conference alone has been worth the price to bet here, and we are not even yet to the class proper! Stay tuned . . .

Above, Cassandra with David Carson

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