Guten tag from Berlin

Five-sixths of our travel group arrived safely and sleepily to Berlin yesterday. Yesterday was mostly spent staying awake and adjusting to the new time zone. Berlin zoo was a great way to ease into our new temporary home.

Today was the first day of TYPO Berlin, a great start with a characteristically entertaining speech from type legend Erik Spiekermann, who told the 2,000 audience members what he loves and hates with some type wisdom mixed in here and there. Next we were introduced to the new technology of generative design. Google it; we’ll all be doing it soon!

So much happening today, it’s impossible to capture it all. Here are a few snapshots (in words at least) of the day:

Highlights of the day: Erik Spiekermann seems to dislike Americans, including big trucks and coffee in paper cups, therefore he should never come to central Texas.
Berliner weisse

Quote of the day : armadillos and donkeys!

From Gram:
-Erik Spiekermann really likes marzipan and hates loose socks, Generative Design is absolutely amazing and has the potential to revolutionize how we approach design, and Rich Roat’s (House Industries) passion is incredibly inspirational. Outside of the type conference, Berlin is a beautiful city to walk at night, I recommend it to anyone.

Gute Nacht!!

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