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Claudia Roeschmann
Associate Professor + Graduate Advisor + Coordinator
Communication Design :: School of Art + Design
Texas State University


MFA Com Des Thesis Forum 2017


What is MFA Thesis Forum?
A half-dozen MFA students each pitching his or her future thesis topic,
followed by us all enjoying refreshments and conversation.

Please come out to hear from your fellow MFA students as they embark on their thesis research.

By attending this event you get to support you colleagues as well as gain valuable insights into the thesis process.

Wednesday, April 26 6:00 – 7:00 PM in J.C. Mitte Conference Room 3107H

Red Rover Red Rover Let CS Come Over – Hackathon 2017!!

Hackathon 2017 Poster

Teams of 3 Computer Science and 3 Communication Design students (undergraduate and graduate) will spend 2 days designing and prototyping a smart city application.  Industry professionals will stop by throughout the workshop (excellent networking opportunity!) and will judge the final student work on Saturday 4-6pm.

If you are interested, email Grayson Lawrence at to snag a spot.


Additional Concept Award 2017 Scholarship Recipients


The College of Fine Arts & Communication Dean John Fleming has graciously given the MFA Communication Design program additional monies to award two runner ups for their Concept Award proposals.  MFA students Yamna Jakhar and Asha Malate are awarded $500 each for their faculty nominated research papers with Matthew Himes winning the top $1000 scholarship. Thank you Dean Fleming for your continued support of our students.

We also thank our Concept Award juror, Doreen Lorenzo, who is a thought leader on design and innovation and previously served as president of the companies Frog Design Inc. and Quirky. Doreen carefully read each nominated students’ research proposal and picked the top papers.

Thanks MFA’ers – alumni and students – 1/17 Open House

IMG_3456Thank you to alumni, students, families, and faculty that trudged through a rainy night to attend our MFA 10 Anniversary Exhibition + Concept Award + Thesis Exhibition + Issues & Criticism Release Party on Tuesday.

What a great crowd! It was wonderful to visit with our alumni and gratifying to know that they are all successful designers and are contributing to the field of design.

IMG_3433Our MFA students are always enthusiastic about joining in the fun and camaraderie at the beginning of each semester.

IMG_3485We thank our Concept Award juror, Doreen Lorenzo, who is a thought leader on design and innovation and previously served as president of the companies Frog Design Inc. and Quirky. Doreen carefully read each nominated students’ research proposal and awarded the first place scholarship to Matthew Himes. Matt received the award from Dean John Fleming, who we thank for sponsoring the scholarship. MFA students Asha Malate and Yamna Jakhar also won scholarships (thanks Dr. Fleming!) as runner-ups in the competition.  Of course, nothing would happen without our fearless leader, MFA Graduate Advisor and Associate Professor Claudia Roeschmann.

IMG_3447A big thank you to MFA student Lindsay Starr. She spent many hours working on the plans for the exhibition and worked diligently to craft our beautiful 10 Anniversary catalog. Thanks Lindsay, for your expertise, patience, and great attitude!

IMG_3505Thank you MFA student Asha Malate, the official Vinyl Queen, for coming up with the final exhibition design. Asha, along with MFA student and vinyl expert, Andrea St. Clair spent countless hours putting this exhibition up.

IMG_3492Our MFA student Carolyn Kilday, came up with the great idea to have alumni and students submit their own unique versions of “10”. Thank you Carolyn, for not only coming up with the idea, but volunteering to make the buttons for each submission. MFA student Mikaela Buck, pictured here with Graduate Dean Andrea Golato, was the lucky winner of the GoPro from the button drawing. IMG_3516A big thank you to MFA alumni Caleb Horn for putting together our awesome exhibition alumni retrospective video and the “10” slide show!


MFA 10 Anniversary + Thesis + Book Release + Concept Award Reception 1/17 6-8

mfa_10_poster_1_page_1Please join us in celebrating the MFA Communication Design program’s 10 Anniversary Exhibition showcasing the achievements of our students and the program over the last ten years.

The 10 Anniversary Open House celebration is on 1/17 (Tuesday) from 6pm-8pm. There will be a great swag bag give-away for all alumni and students who participate in our “10” submission request!


mfa_concept_2017During the Open House on 1/17 a well deserving MFA student will win the biennial Concept 2017 Scholarship Award. MFA faculty nominated students who did outstanding work over the past year in any class/thesis.  Students nominated and who submitted their proposals should attend the Open House. The winner will be announced at 7pm and you have to be present to accept!


In addition to the 10 Anniversary Open House and the Concept Award, we have two students who will present their thesis research:

quartermanc_thesisChase Quarterman thesis topic is titled “Painful Past, Hopeful Future: Discovering Mississippi’s New Identity”. Chase’s research focuses on Mississippi’s controversial state flag and how design can instill pride and hope to a place beleaguered by past and present difficulties.


weissenbuehlera_thesisAndrea Weissenbuehler’s thesis titled, “Design for Environmental and Social Impact with San Marcos Salamander” researches the impact that design can have in bringing awareness of the importance of the San Marcos River’s health.


pens-pixels-image The students in M. Wright’s fall history course, Contemporary Issues and Criticism, will host a book release and interactive experience during the MFA 10 Anniversary Open House. The book is titled “Pens, Pixels, & the Future of Design”.






Well, that was fun!

*Dear MFA blog followers. There has been a delay in posting due to lack of wifi in Europe! Enjoy :)

Seemingly 5 minutes ago we arrived in Wilhelmshaven, Germany to begin Part2 of our international typography studies. And suddenly it was Saturday, eight days later, and our group had begun separating, heading for departures home and other new adventures.

Friday was our final day of class at Jade University. The Texas State MFA grad students presented their preliminary stages of research and design based on The Value of Design. Thursday was a fast and frantic day of assembling our presentations, and we felt quite prepared to show the students and professors our new work.

Jade students giving us their rapt attention
Jade students giving us their rapt attention

Lisa talked about applying a universal grid and branding system to international maps, via a website and ultimately an app. The discussion began with research about the Bauhaus and its influence on modern design, and led to Mosimmo Vignelli’s creation of the Unigrid as applied to the National Park Service. #unimap

{{photo tba}}

Zachary took a look at the the DINSchrift 1451 font as it was used for the Prussian railway branding around the beginning of the twentieth century. He then applied that method of branding to a new online voting webite that could be used universally.

Z explaining the importance of the DIN typefac
Z explaining the importance of the DIN typefac

Jordan gave us a brief history of the usage of semiotics, and how they are applied universally, specifically the 1972 Olympics and even the modern-day emoji. He showed his designs for the beginnings of a new icon system for grocery store and menu usage worldwide.

Jordan's new icons for world us
Jordan’s new icons for world use

Andrea provided a quick timeline and history of Starbucks, and seamlessly related their marketing process to a new breakfast taco restaurant—Kikiriki—that would have international appeal. The Texans in the room tried valiantly to express their love for tacos to the German group who had not experienced this tasty treat.

tacos > coffee for Andrea's flavorful branding
tacos > coffee for Andrea’s flavorful branding

Hector brought it all home with his discussion of the implications of Nike’s branding, and how it could be applied to a newer softer campaign to re-brand the state of Texas. #intexas

hector rebranding the state of texas
hector rebranding the state of texas

Professor Griner pulled out the Jade swag for us after our presentation. We got t-shirts, pencils, pens and a coffee mug. He and Claudia showed off their university t-shirts!

Goetz & Claudia showing school spirit!
Goetz & Claudia showing school spirit!

We were lucky to have Goetz and his student Robin join us for lunch, and later in the evening for a farewell dinner. And Claudia’s mom too!

Claudia's little momma joined us!
Claudia’s little momma joined us!

Some fun photos of our days in Wilhelmshaven:

andrea & lisa selfie on the last bus ride
andrea and lisa selfie
german ingenuity
german ingenuity
group photo!
sunset on our last evening
sunset on our last evening

Work, eat, laugh, repeat

Our mornings usually have a unique personal encounter of some kind, almost always on the bus. Today it was at breakfast that we chatted with Angie and her husband from England. She was on a trip to meet her father for the first time, and he is 84. A truly hilarious and vivacious woman that we couldn’t help but love!

daily breakfast meeting at our hotel
daily breakfast meeting at our hotel

This was a good day. We have been working very hard on our projects about The Value of Design that we will present tomorrow morning to the Jade professor and his students. It will be fun to share what we have researched and designed. We may have been a little too harsh thorough in our critique of their work on Monday, so we are bracing ourselves for the backlash :) Actually we are looking forward to the dialogue with our full group.

z, hector and andrea at our work table
z, hector and andrea at our work table

Always our days center around the collection of food. We went to the opening day of a new supermarket, and for tourists like us, it was a real treat (or bag of treats.)

jordan buys the best treats
jordan buys the best snacks

cream team. cookies rule in germany.

And, the sun came out today! That’s a big deal after days of cold, rain and fog. The town came alive, and there was so much color.

wilhelmshaven is lit up
wilhelmshaven is lit up
our walk home after class
our walk home after class
those clouds though...
those clouds though…

Tomorrow is our last day, and then we will share our projects, and a few more stories with all our blog followers!

our gang at the bus stop
our gang at the bus stop

Doener Kebap, Gummies, Mensa Cafe

This morning we made a quick stop at the Wattenmeer Museum to collect steal amass gather some maps of the Wilhelmshaven area for Lisa’s project. And also because they are just great maps. While there, we met this wolf, bear, hyena or prehistoric dog.

zachary risking his life while we collected maps
zachary risking his life while we collected maps

Like any college student, much of our day revolves around the gathering and eating of food. We are not ashamed of this. Breakfast is usually bread (toast this week!) with butter—because butter in Europe—maybe some fruit and a lot of coffee. For lunch the Mensa Cafe on the Jade campus is unusually cheap, less than 3euros for a huge tray of food, and it’s very good. There are snacks for our work table—gummies, chocolate and animal cookies.

animal crackers. because grad students can be toddlers too.
animal crackers. because grad students can be toddlers too

Probably the clear winner in the favorite food category on the Germany trip overall are the döner kebaps. There’s no way to accurately describe this mess of deliciousness (at least for those meat-eaters in the group). I think we will all agree that this is Hector’s favorite.

döner kebab. it's what's for dinner.
döner kebap. it’s what’s for dinner.

Today we made great individual progress on our projects for The Value of Design. There will be exciting things to share with you on Friday! Great thinking, conversation and maybe even some thesis development occurred. We talked about Nike, Starbucks, tacos, semiotics, online voting and maps. This is a great group, and we are so lucky to have Claudia guiding us into deeper thinking and better design, and always putting us on the right bus.

zachary & claudia, serious discussion
zachary & claudia serious discussion
jordan, deep thoughts
jordan, deep thoughts
lisa mapping the process
lisa mapping the process

Speaking of our bus rides, there could not be a more interesting social experiment than public transportation in Wilhelmshaven. This morning we met the most wonderful, engaging woman from Spain who has lived in this little town for 50 years. We felt as if we knew her as a friend in a mere 15 minutes. And on our return trip at the end of the day, a boy of only 10 years old engaged us in three languages: English (“Are y’all from England?), Polish and German. Okaaaay.

bus ride with the locals
bus ride with the wonderful locals

Also we met Claudia’s momma tonite! Well, at least on Skype.

claudia and her cute little momma
claudia and her cute little momma

A little reminder of the quaintness that we experience each day in our little slice of heaven:

watching the bridge swing open
watching the bridge swing open

And one last visual for day—one of the blackface typefaces that we see each day!

just a common typeface here in germany :)
just a common typeface here in germany :)